Sell’s restraunt  updates 

1st photo: Sell’s Restaurant being built at Sell’s Corner in 1946. The Restaurant was built by the 5 Sell boys. (Lester,Gordie, Henry, Forrest (Bob) & George). 

There were 2 apartment above the restaurant. Henry & Gordon lived there for a period of time throughout their lives with their families.

Henry A. Sell (father of the 5 boys) owned the land that was part of his 32 acre farm house, store & gas station (Sell’s Shell) from 1924 when Henry A. Sell moved his family from Manchester to Auburn. Henry A. Sell was a baker and owned his own shop in Manchester before moving into Auburn..

He sold the land to his son Lester in 1946.

Lester sold the land and restaurant to his brother George Sell in 8/26/1953. 

George sold the restaurant to his her Brother and Sister-In-Law, Henry & Doris aka Dotty. 11/2/1956 for $16,000.00, 

Henry sold the restaurant to Matthew Magdiasz 10/23/1961 for $30,000.00 

photo #2 The original Sell’s Restaurant as of November 2015

The restaurant has been called different things over the past 69 years: Alicia’s, Holiday’s, Good Times and now Auburn Tavern

This information the best of my knowledge



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