Sell’s Corner

Sell’s Restaurant & store located at Sell’s Corner at the intersection of Old Candia Road (the bumpy cement road) & Hooksett Road in the early 1960’s – Auburn Tavern as of today November 6, 2015 I know the photo is sideways, however it shows the gas pump that was once in the parking lot of Sell’s Store & Restaurant. This building was built by Lester Sell and his 4 brothers. The brothers took turns running the store& restaurant for decades. Lester’s brothers were, George, Henry, Forrest (Bob) & Gordon. Several of the Sell boys were bakers as their father Henry A. Sell was. All of the Sell boys lived near/at Sell’s Corner and raised their families there as well. This is what the inside of Sell’s Restaurant looked like in the early
This old farm house was once a part of Sell’s Corner. Where exit #2 for State Highway #101 is today.
This is the old Farm house that the Sell Family lived in while the 5 boys were young men. in the 1930 & 1940’s
Henry A & Maude (Kinney) Sell had a total of 8 boys.
Lester, Alfred, Walter, Henry, Forrest, Gordon, Russell & George
3 passed away before they reached 2 years and 2 months old. (measles – pneumonia) (Alfred, Walter & Russell)
This old farm house used to stand where the ON ramp to the 101 highway is today.
This farm house also had a store and a gas pump on the property. (SELL’S SHELL gas station) Yesterday and today… (Photo’s courtesy of the Sell Family)


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